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1974 February-April (3) Letters to Shirley(BRLA) from Rockmore(NYC) - He fled NOLA to escape thugs!

February 18, 1974 Letter to Shirley (1127) from Rockmore (1 W 67, NYC)

Dear Shirley

            My life was threatened by thugs in N.O. and even if it is all cleared up by Joe Marcal Att. - I am never coming back there again - Mike Stark for a fee is packing everything for shipment as soon as my studio here is vacant - meantime I am waiting -

            My girl is a liar and this plus her boss being a massive creep is what led to this near tragedy - please keep out of this - you can only cause trouble - I just wanted to let you know -


            Don’t misunderstand - this thing already involves quite a few people in both cities

P.S. You can talk to Larry about it if you have to - he knows all about it through Jaffe and Marcal is his Att. also

            My studio at 33 W 67th will be vacant Mar. 30 so I will start shipping everything up and moving in in April -

            Assuming the physical danger factor is over - this period will be a quiet discipline phase toward starting my live over - N.O. is a place I had to go through but it is too volatile a town for my personality - here my career can evolve better tho Bryant is a good thing too -

            I am in a state of shock but if I am really safe up here I can slowly re-group and recover -

                                                            Take care


Enclosed were 3 photos:

Caption 1: 14 x 18" watercolor and ink “N.Y. Block Party” study for 14 x 20" etching (to come) and large oil    Fantastic drawing    Mar/April 74

Caption 2: 11 x 14 WC and ink “Fear Banquet” I was still afraid w weeks after the thugs in N.O.

Caption 3: Charlie the Concierge at Des Artiste 11 x 14 WC and ink

March 14, 1974 Letter to Shirley (1127) from Rockmore (1 W 67, NYC)  The Café des Artistes


            You don’t seen to understand that this crisis has nothing to do with Micki - my Life was threatened and that happened indirectly because of pathological lies leading to danger -

            I don’t disagree with some things you say but 2 thugs have nothing to do with emotional problems -

            Micki and I are good friends now - I am doing brilliant new work - fantastic compositions with nudes - am entering my greatest direction - will show you shots soon - Mario Cooper, President of National Academy Watercolor Section, wants to nominate me for membership since it would help get teaching position a couple of times a week I will go along - also I am doing a major oil of Marcel Marceau in May!

            I will never go back to N.O. it ceases to exist and I am completely starting my life over - that is that -

            Take care and I will send a few shots soon

                                                                        As ever


2 photos enclosed

Caption 1: Mar 4-10th, 74 Block Party study 11 x 14

Caption 2: 11 x 14 WC and ink Mar 74 done at Bar

April 16, 1974 Letter to Shirley from Rockmore (33 W 67, NYC)


            No time to write now - I spent $4000 (my savings) on re-doing floor of studio - new kitchen, new bed - curtains, etc - $1000 for moving by truck from N.O., etc etc - and Bryant owes me 10 or 11 thousand dollars that rotten creep!  He is a con in a different way than Borenstien.  You still don’t seem to realize I left N.O. in and because of Danger - but it’s over and I start a new life -

            I enclose shots of brilliant new work - water-color drawings not for sale which will point a great new direction -

            Bryant and I will have it out pretty soon tho I don’t want to ruin the book project (if he doesn’t anyway) but he owes me a lot of money and I want 5 or 6000 this May or June or I’ll sue - and to Hell with the book but only as a last resort -

            I have a fine new girl, Janice, and still have not recovered from the 2 mos. I lived in Bars like Des Artistes waiting for my studio to clear - but in a month or 2 I will be painting N.Y. compositions like the magnificent Block Party enclosed -

            Tell me reaction to these works - you can see them quite well here = I am forcing a more turbulent and sensuous direction -

            But pray that Bryant shapes up a bit - it is a good deal for me in certain ways but I will never make it big till a fine top N.Y. gallery takes me -

            Write.  Take Care.

                                                            As ever


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