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1975 July & August - (2) Letters to Shirley (BRLA) from Rockmore (NYC) - New girlfriend Andrea & Forum Gallery Show

July 9, 1975 Letter to Shirley (BRLA) from Rockmore (NYC)


            How are things?  Did you get shots?  I have ‘finished’ a new major one 8 ˝ x 12" in series “Halloween” but have arrived at sort of an impasse - the 1st big set is over and I am waiting for schedule date for show before getting into 2nd half - she is calling with def schedule for show end of July - but now I am tired and working here and there -

            Great new material at Coney Island Beach - Pete Rose and I got the original head of the reindeer from the ghost ride which I painted 17 yrs ago in C.I. Labyrinth - a wonderful heirloom - any money on the big oil you can send by the way - would help equally in Aug or Sept so it doesn’t have to be soon - am seeing 3 girls but only 1(Andrea) probably any potential for me but I am as cautious as they - so it will stay light -

            I think after another week of limbo I will be ready to do 2 major “Under the Boardwalk” at Coney - plus a ‘memory’ still life of 2 Coney heads - drinking less and lack of dealing every day with a person filled with tension (tho Janice’s letters from Nice are disturbing) is a vacation in a way - she still equates living with me for her and it isn’t easy to ease her off but I hope trip will get her more independent of me because I want no more of it - tension in the work yes - but in life something else please -

            Take care

                                                                        As ever


September 19, 1975 Letter to Shirley (BRLA) from Rockmore (33W67, NYC)


            Have not heard from you in quite a while - are you OK?

            A major new development is that after 5 mos of silence and worry a call came from Forum that the Director Bella Fishko would be at the studio Wed 2:30 - I was terrified because I heard that that Potamkin tried to dump the left over Israeli collection on her - she flipped over the 12 great new ones - this summer’s work and finally committed herself to a show in the spring! - settled - biggest step yet career-wise - so I finally made it for sure in N.Y. this time - my sister is flying from S. Francisco for the opening and so is Jaffe (but don’t talk at all to Borenstein please) -

             I would like you there if you can make it plus I need to strengthen my hand with Forum in the 1st show so I propose an idea: if you can send $300 soon we close the 40 x 50 oil deal and you apply the 500 bal toward a great miniature opening nite - this would help my career more than you can imagine and I have asked 2 other collectors to guarantee sales and they agreed knowing the importance this time.  I feel this proposal is fair since the 500 bal cannot be spent till spring of ‘76 giving you more time etc - and I could really use $300 in Sep badly

            I hope you can see the sense of this little idea - this is one time I know I am right - this is the beginning of my real career -

            Write soon and take care


P.S. Please do not bother Forum about date of show - my show is May 15 - June 4, 1976.

Of course, if you are in town please do go to Fourm and ask to see some of the later pieces -

Take care - at least I made it -

P.P.S. New Orleans French Quarter Homage was accepted in National Academy Annual.

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