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1979 July & August - (2) Letters beween Rockmore(NOLA) & Shirley(BRLA)

July 18, 1979 Letter to Shirley (BRLA) from Rockmore (835 Bourbon, NO)


            Don’t be so neurotic I am always mad at everyone - I have just done a great new screen print (small ed.) 80 or so “The Shroud of Turin” - a masterpiece! - I am saving one for you and a rare trial proof plus my new print “Mother Cabrini” (playground) is one of the finest yet - I will save a fine one of that for you too - it is fantastic - I have finally fully matured in scr. pr. technique - you can have both plus the rare trial proof for 300 -

            Please write and tell me an exact date and time you can meet me after Cabrini is finished after the 23rd July and I will meet you and you can pick your prints out yourself -

            Great new girl Rita and I are moving to 700 block of Orleans a great apt but I want N.Y. in a year or so - bad gash in my right leg -

            I finished N.Y. Homage for Gordon Russell (in N.Y.) and he also bought 5 other N.O. ptgs so he is a serious collector (plus $6,000.00 for Homage is highest price yet - gallery price has to be $10,000 to give me that at 60%) -

            Jonestown Triangle is now in Jackson Museum - a bequest - I am through with Bryant -

            Louis Velez (my best new collector) is going to split cost on a few big color ads in Art News this year - 1st one is the “Shroud of Turin” - these expensive ads can only help N.Y. chances for a gallery and career later -

            Take care and write soon

                                                            As ever


September 28, 1979 Letter to Rockmore(NOLA) from Shirley(BRLA)

Dear Noel,

            Can we change time of meeting till Tuesday at noon at Fatted Calf (Oct 3)?  I don’t know what I was thinking about but Monday is Yom Kippur!

            I will bring the Catalogue from the Tamayo show at the Guggenheim.  Met Pete Rose there and we saw the show and had lunch together.

            Returned to see the show once again before I left NY and also saw the Inter American Institute show of his work on paper as well as visited Malborough Gallery.

            The retrospective at the Guggenheim is a little thin - but there is enough there to give an overview of his development and enough first rate work to make attendance worthwhile.

            I have read a great deal about him, however to be brief, I find the work moving and the technical mastery impressive.  I am absorbed into his work through his use of color - which reaches out and draws you into his universe; but you are held there by the combination of color and form and the mystery and strength of this alchemy.  He fulfills the prerequisite of all Mexican painters - the ability to handle massive murals and symbolic figures - but except for an ENORMOUS single figure mural I found them boring.  As a matter of fact except for Tamayo and Rivera I find most modern Mexican artists boring.

            What always surprises me at retrospectives of artists whose work is very meaningful to me (you, Tamayo, Giacometti, Picasso, Matisse) is how much of the work is preparatory for the breakthrough of really great work.  I’m sure this sounds naive to a painter -

            Well - this is a much longer letter than I expected to write.

            I enclose a check for $50, which is all I can manage right now.

            Take care.  See you Tuesday, Oct 3 at noon unless I hear from you to the contrary.




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