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The Book Reviews

The Reviews are coming in!!! The one from Mark Schurmeier's parents made us both cry.


 The book is awesome. More than I expected. Sylvia Otto


 I’ve been fascinated the last two nights reading the Rockmore book since Tee and you dropped it off on Monday evening. It is a beautiful and well done publication, and I congratulate Shirley, Tee and you on a job well done with this steadfast labor of love. I’m impressed! Blessings and best wishes to all of you, brother! Pat Broderick


 I'm so impressed with your book. I sat down and read it cover to cover as soon as it arrived. It truly took me on a visit to my past. I lived in the apt over Larry and Pat on St. Peter next to preservation hall back in the day. Pat and I became dear friends and will always treasure that. I worked at the Vaucresson and have fond memories of Noel playing piano or violin. Sometimes Paul Ernst would accompany or did he sing opera? I forget now. Anyway, thank you for such a wonderful book with such great story telling. I would like to RSVP for the event sat. Looking forward to it and so glad that Noel is being celebrated for the great artist he was. Thank you all for your very hard work. Lindy Brown


 We are back in Orange Beach remembering the lovely evening we had last night. It was great to see you both and also to see Shirley and Macy and Tory and their families. It was good people, food and music, and such an interesting place! We wish you continued success with Noel Rockmore and your book and the French Quarter efforts. We are very impressed with all you have accomplished! We know it took LOT of talent and hard work. Mark would be proud of you too!

 Love to you, Sue and Jerry Schurmeier


 Rich & Tee - I received the book and I must say, the design and layout is wonderful. As a former graphic designer, this concept is the finest way to tell Noel's story. Job well done, Bill Bale


 Dear Tee and Rich,

 I received the book and it is fabulous! Congratulations to all of you for your long, passionate, diligent work to bring out this important documentation of Rockmore, clearly a significant American artist. Many kudos and mazel tov to all! And thank you! Slim


 Rich & Tee -

 I settled down with your book for awhile, and am so impressed with the tremendous mountain of research and information that you uncovered and processed. It’s so well done! Congrats on a fabulous job, and I know there’s lots more to come from you with the French Quarter project. Hope the event was a great success, and look forward to seeing you soon. So glad we had a chance to visit briefly the other day. And thanks again for all the “goodies”. Best,Vivian


 Dear Tee and Marvin,

 We enjoyed seeing you and Marvin's Mother again. Enjoyed meeting Tee's mother also. Oliver and I are enjoying your book. Thanks for including us. Hope you do real well and best wishes at your book signings. Sincerely, Annie Greene


 I got mine! Loving it so far, and so sorry I missed you all while you were here. Will watch for your return and hope we can see ya'll then!! Thanks for all your effort on this project. Wanda Lowe


 Rich and Tee:

 You might want to go by and see the response that Garden District Book Shop has to these sorts of events. Also, THANKS so much for the official Rockmore piece. We are taking it to be framed this weekend. Lenora was excited to see the finished book and Lou & I are sharing/reading to each other. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend at the book signing, mlc


 Andrea Lannin To Shirley, Tee and Rich- I was so thrilled to receive this wonderful book. It has been a long road since I contacted you in the Spring of 2008. Thank you for the inspiring messages on the Title page. I love New Orleans.


 Carol Schwartz Nirenberg Received the book....congrats. You guys are amazing!


 Suzy Ingram Politz

 I received my Rockmore/Marvin book in the mail today!

 What a great tribute. Full of information. So fun to read and learn of the interesting character Rockmore was. Glad to be a part of it!


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