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67-8-16 Letter To Shirley(BRLA) From Rockmore(SF) - hiding from his kids visiting his sister

                                                                                                Aug 16/67  San Francisco

Dear Shirley

            Donít get too upset about anything I said in last letter but itís all honest and the truth - I think our relationship will survive minor adjustments and squabbles but you have, on occasion, outlined certain demands or desires on your part re my behavior - I certainly will exercise the same right.

            If you try real hard to place yourself in my situation you will quickly see why I reacted so negatively to your last letter.

            My head is once again full of ideas for work - I guess the short ďvacationĒ forced tons of ideas and data to back up on itself and if I donít start up again I will come down with a massive case of aesthetic constipation!

            My ex-wife and three kids -11, 13, & 14 yrs. - visited my sister and I had to hide in North Beach all day and wait - silly but after 9 yrs. of no communication any attempt would have been disastrous -

            Before I leave Debbie and I are going to Haight-Ashbury and I take many shots and mental notes of this whole Hippie Scene which, tho I put it down, has some importance as a rebellion against the equally outlandish middle-class - I am going to do (in N.Y.) a series of papers and just possibly in time for Nov. show a canvas with 50 or 75 figures called ďHaight-Ashbury - HippielandĒ.

            I havenít done a crowded busy fun composition in years and it might be fun - I think of Ensor -

            I enclose shot of incomplete polymer collage I am working on - started in Laguna - Quite beautiful, no?

            Take care and I will write next from N.Y.

                                                                                    As ever


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