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1967-10-7 Letter To Shirley(BRLA) From Rockmore(33W67. NYC) - Preparations for the Ultimate Career Show

NOEL ROCKMORE Studio                                                 Oct 7/67

                                    THIRTY-THREE WEST SIXTY-SEVENTH STREET, NEW YORK 23, NEW YORK

Shirley -

            Decided to write - 1st minute I have had in a while to myself - preparations for this show are becoming incredible - I am on a doctor-prescribed diet - pills are very strong and I have lost 7 lbs. in 5 days - at 122 will stop - in a publicity photo I looked puffy and exhausted plus the fact that I have been hungover for too long - I have quit all alcohol for good and so far have succeeded fairly easily considering what a heavy drinker I was - something snapped and I made a decision and thatís it -

            Also my hairdresser (Sergioís) (by appointment only) did a very fine job - it is really a new image and I like it basically - Vic is suing the Sidney B. estate and heís right - we got screwed but he is a little unfairly angry at Manny - but as Ann Peshkin pointed out the dealer had a responsibility to Vic and should have watched him much more closely - I am finally going to the top Shirley - Vic and Sergio saved me from the quite hopeless situation I was in before them and altho Vic doesnít trust Manny and argues about bills etc - he did hire a really fantastic P.R. woman in Peshkin - she has taken charge of everything and knows what she is doing - I will probably present a picture to U Thant at U.N. soon and be on TV at least twice - the private press party is so strictly career that she wonít allow any friends, cousins, or my sister to it - that is after the opening - even tho opening itself presents problems - Manny expects at least 1000 people or more - I truly hope you can make the opening - I canít really explain the close emotional bond Vic and Sergio and I have - like brothers and son (arrow pointing from brothers to Sergio and arrow pointing from son to Vic) - Sergio and I are Vicís 2 tickets to a different world than just money in different ways - I am very fond of both of them -

              Manny expects the show to sell $20,000 - I am not so confident - the big works are very difficult and uncompromising in every way - but with this kind of P.R. control of every detail (I canít even bring a date to the press party at Voisin or Camelot and maybe the opening as well!!)  The reason I like or agree to all this is that this is my only chance to really get around the ďartĒ world and also it is the 1st time a real pro has taken over the entire coordination and direction of my career - Well am completing 1 book soon and will send it off in 2 weeks - also memorial Family portrait is fantastic!  I cried while painting the head of my father - it shows - I hope you are well and school is interesting - I have a strong instinct that this year is the beginning finally of my climb out of the career nightmare with Borenstien and it feels like oxygen to a critical patient even tho it is new and different - when itís over in Dec. I will start the great tryptich ďProgress of a MealĒ.

                                                            Take care


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