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1969 April - May (3) Letters To Shirley(BRLA) (1)From Borenstein(NOLA) & (2) From Rockmore on his return to New Orleans

April 5, 1969 Letter To Shirley (BRLA) From Borenstein (511 Royal)           

Dear Shirley:

I am back from my trip and getting back to normal.  It is possible that I will be going back to Mexico before the end of the month or early next, so if you want to see me you ought to let me know when you are coming down.

By the way, Rockmore is in town.  He is in excellent spirits and will be working closely with me for the next several months.

                                                            As ever


May 4, 1969 Letter To Shirley (BRLA) From Rockmore (638 Royal, NO)

Dear Shirley

            Thanks for letter - I am beginning to discipline myself a bit - painting every morning and aft. too -

            Getting slowly into a great work cycle -

            But I am totally flat broke again - I just canít get enough money at one time to get me out of this God damn hole -

            If you can please send all or most of balance - otherwise I canít pay studio rent in N.Y. this mo - even if you do I will still have to borrow from Jaffe tomorrow to eat - I think in 2 mos. I should be out of this hole a bit by selling secondary level works to Larry and possibly even a few to Vic but right now things couldnít be worse which is a shame because I am just beginning to get on my feet in other ways - so please rush what you can - letís get together toward the end of the month if possible and have lunch and I will show you progress in the studio -

            Everything work-wise is pulling together at 40 so I guess the 20's and 30's werenít wasted - I am struggling to get together 30 great oils in my collection witin 2 years to show to Nicky Wyeth and get a good gallery and launch me - take care good friend

                                                                                    As ever


photo caption:

portrait of Mike Stark 33 x 50" oil 27 sittings so far and far from finished a great work tho

May 22, 1969 Letter To Shirley (BRLA) From Rockmore (638 Royal, NO)

Dear Shirley

            We will have to get together soon for lunch and talk - am doing extraordinary work here -

            I enclose shot of ďSan FranciscoĒ in a very unfinished state - it is the only major oil of this new series I would consider selling and when it is complete perhaps by the end of this month, I would like you to consider it before I send it to Vic who has not received such a major work from me in a very long time - I offer it to you plus several watercolors and drawings for $600.00 -

            Please think it over on basis of this shot - it is quire accurate and an extraordinary work -

            Why not change out habit for once and instead of a book switch to a major oil this once - (of course plus a few papers) - I will do some studies in the Quarter (or I could give you a choice of a few fine small polymer portrait studies out of a series I am doing of characters in the Quarter -

            Please let me know your feeling about this because I will have to make a move fairly soon with this oil -

            As you know I truly appreciate your interest over the years and without it things would have been considerably more difficult -

            Larry still acts like a creep - demands exclusivity but fails to deliver - wrtie soon and let me know your feelings.

                                                                                    As ever


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