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1970-5-1 Letter To Shirley(BRLA) From Rockmore(638 Royal. NOLA) - Sister Gertrude Morgan

May 1, 1970 Letter To Shirley (BRLA) From Rockmore (638 Royal, NOLA)


            Thanks for check - am doing fantastic amount of work - again - almost total 1 solution - Revelation of my inner track is incredible - I am finishing 1st Homage many changes - getting into 3rd (Jazz) and start 4th Sister Gertrude soon -

            Personal life nil - total removal but all in time - my work is getting better by the minute and further and further from NY art world and secularism.  The real direction is a pure intellect - vitality applied to Folk Roots like Sister Gertrude or festivals or early jazz forms - the point is that Art by itself is not merely an exercise but it must be attached to a deep revelatory imagery to move and contemporary art is totally jerking itself off -

            Sister Gertrude is REAL in a world of PLASTIC -

            I will send a new book July 1st - plan sounds good and I can really use the $ badly - I will be here for exactly 2 more mos. and then another difficult trip to N.Y. and then in Oct. I come back here for 6 mos and relative stability I hope -

            I will write soon must go to work now take care and remember keep these books secret - Larry got a rapid sketchbook from me done in 1 day of notes - if he ever tries to sell to you donít do it - keep books between US - this means a great deal to me our deal is a small life-line for me also high quality work because you respect the work instead of using it - so if Larry ever should show you a sketchbook of drawings, etc - donít buy - I send you the best I can do and prefer it that way -

            Getting into 2rd Homage very difficult but should get going soon -

            I dread return to NY in July - empty lonely studio at 33 - elevator men and no Sister Gertrude - but those projects and contacts are important too -

                                                            Take care

                                                            As ever


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