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1973-5-18 Letter to Noel from Shirley(BRLA) & Shirley Journal of Phone Call

Dear Noel,

            Missed your call by less than 5 minutes.  Thought you might call again.  You cannot be reached at 524-0489 at any time during the day or evening when I have tried to return your calls.

            If you have a chance - drop me a line.  I would guess it might be about the book but I know you have other things on your mind and it is sometimes hard to see the way clear. 

            In any case, Noel, I think you know of my interest at concern.  I will help if I can.

            Keep in touch,



Notes on back of letter:

Rockmore called 5/18/73 about 9 pm.


            discussed reproduction of

            -Oval Nocturne

            -egg tempera - The Dream

Also Moroccan sketchbook

            discussed problems of getting photos of paintings from Mrs. Levy - New York City - who has things from Coney Island Period and Potamkin

            said he was getting sick of book / wants to get back to work

            Miki Cahn has own apít.  They spend couple of days a week there

            Cousin Steve Rockmore is doing mock-up - almost 200 photographic reproductions

            Larry holding back on text and reproductions

            Intro by R. Soyer

            Biography by Borenstein

            Text by Borenstein

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